Integrated Solutions offers services of remediation for spill sites as well as the full array of demolition and site clean-up services associated with long-term, preplanned remedial activities. These services make it much easier for our clients to accomplish their site clean-up goals. IGS can self-perform all aspects from initial decontamination through remedial construction and closure.  Give us a contaminated site with all manners of abandoned structures filled with hazardous industrial chemicals and waste and we’ll give you back a pad of clean dirt ready for redevelopment.

  • Environmental Baseline Studies & Permitting
  • Support of Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies
  • Site Development & Closure Planning
  • Site Water Supply & Management
  • Liquid Waste Handling & Management
  • Solid Waste Handling & Management
  • Site Contamination and/or Extraction
  • Remediation & Post Closure Monitoring
  • Environmental Compliance & Monitoring