Integrated Global Solutions, LLC (IGS) serves the private and public sector clients by integrating engineering, science, planning and management systems to enhance the integrity and sustainability of our environment. Founded in 2010, IGS operates on the business principle that client service and satisfaction come first and foremost. We achieve these goals through a simple formula—the personal commitment of highly qualified, experienced professionals, plus the corporate commitment of consistently providing the highest quality services within budget and on schedule.

Our multidisciplinary team focuses their expertise toward practical, cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems. IGS environmental projects have ranged in size from small, specialty tasks to large, multidisciplinary efforts.

IGS staff’s in-depth industry expertise ensures the highest quality and technical defensibility of all services and work products. IGS has successfully applied our combined knowledge and experience to solve numerous environmental challenges and welcomes the opportunity to once again prove our reputation for quality on your next project.